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Feelin Cute Photo Booth offers an industry-leading open-air digital photo booth that is fun for any occasion. We are committed and will work hard to achieve your vision with professionalism and integrity. 
Serving Roseville, CA, and The Greater Sacramento area.

Booth Features


Start Screen

Welcome your guests by customizing the Start Screen to match your event!
Want your logo included? No problem, send it in, and we can add it!

Ipad 3_2_3072x2048_Swashes.jpg


Give your captures something a little bit extra by adding in an overlay. Adding in a petite frame or banner is perfect. Less is more; let your guests be the focus!


It may be small, but it packs a punch. It takes not just photos but boomerangs, GIFs, and videos.


Delivery Methods

Once you take your photo or whichever capture mode you choose, you can receive your capture via email, text, or airdrop!


Filters & Glam Mode

There are six filters you have the option to pick from Mono, Noir, Instant, Transfer, Process, and Fade. 
Glam mode is also an option you can turn on for your event; it smooths the skin and gives you an extra glow!


Live Gallery

Live Gallery gives you and your guests access to see all images instantly. 
***Extra Bonus***
You can stream the live gallery from a seperate screen.

LED Light Ring

The LED ring light can be customized to your liking. You can have one solid color, or select a pattern.


8x8 Backdrop

An 8x8 backdrop is included with all events. Choose from available tension fabric designs or draped fabrics like sequin or chiffon.

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